Important questions for the recruitment of Staff Nurse, questions are collected from Staff Nurse previous year question papers.

What Makes Someone a Good Nurse?

1. Caring
2. Communication Skills
3. Empathy
4. Attention to Detail
5. Problem Solving Skills

6. Stamina
7. Sense of Humor
8. Commitment to Patient Advocacy
9. Willingness to Learn
10. Critical Thinking

11. Time Management
12. Leadership
13. Experience

13 Important Nursing Responsibilities

1. Recording medical history and symptoms
2. Administering medications and treatments
3. Collaborating with teams for patient care
4. Performing diagnostic tests

5. Conducting physical examinations
6. Monitoring patients' health
7. Providing support and advice to patients
8. Operating medical equipment

9. Educating patients about how to manage an illness
10. Advocating for the health and well-being of patients
11. Providing basic bedside care

12. Training and educating staff
13. Maintaining inventory